Anorak News | Man sells wife’s wedding £15,000 for £6

Man sells wife’s wedding £15,000 for £6

by | 14th, June 2013

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HUSBANDS, as we know, are all stupid. TV adverts constantly tell us so. And so, to a tale of a man who sold his wife’s wedding ring for $10 (£6) when it was worth $23,000 (£15,000).

The ring was placed in a plain watch box by Racquel Cloutier before she went off to hospital to have her fifth baby. Get that? She was going through labour for the fifth time and the stupid husband thought he’d help her out. Not by being present at the birth, but rather, pissing around with boxes.

Racquel wanted to keep her diamond ring safe from her 2-year-old twin boys while she was having another one, so her husband Eric decided to take part in the community garage sale so that the kids would be kept busy.

And so, he put the watch box up for sale which someone bought it for $10.

Racquel realised that her ring was missing a day after she returned from the hospital, because she knows things like that because she’s married to a useless lump, RIGHT LADIES?

She said: “I go into my husband’s closet, can’t find the box, and then he tells me he sold it. I said, ‘You sold it? What do you mean you sold it?’ I immediately started crying.”

Racquel hopes that the buyer returns it, saying: “I would never, ever keep the ring if I had found it. If you’re honest, you’re honest. Clearly, the ring was in the box by accident.”

Typical man – useless. Typical woman – mental. Typical writer, commenting on it – judgemental.

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