Anorak News | The Wizard of Oz goes punk at the small anti-G8 protest in Belfast (Photos)

The Wizard of Oz goes punk at the small anti-G8 protest in Belfast (Photos)

by | 15th, June 2013


IN Belfast, anti-G8 protestors have been demonstrating against fracking, bombing, arresting imprisoning and capitalism. How many were on the march?

Press Association: “Hundreds of protesters, advocating a variety of causes, braved torrential rain as they walked through streets.”

Independent: 1.500

What was it like:

Staff in the nearby Post Office danced to the beat of stilt walking drummers alongside an open-sided van carrying trade unionists dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz.

The protest was organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

ICTU chair Pamela Dooley told the crowd: “Today is a defining moment in our history.

History can be a cruel judge.


Police say there were around 1,500 protesters. I would say there few more, but not the 5,000 that had been expected.


 Police outnumber protesters during peaceful anti-G8 protests in Belfast

Can it get any beter?

A separate concert for the IF anti-food poverty campaign, spearheaded by charities working in the developing world, will be held in the city’s Botanic Gardens this afternoon with acts including indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club.

The concert has been sold out, with around 8,000 people due to attend, organisers said.

At once point union flag protestors met the anti G8 protesters.

One loyalist protesting about a Belfast city council decision to only fly the Union flag on certain days disrupted the march before being surrounded by police and led away. At Belfast city hall, around 100 loyalist protesters are cordoned off by the police and kept away from the G8 protesters.

Today is actually one of the days that the council is flying the union flag, in honour of the Queen’s birthday.

Amnesty International’s Patrick Corttigan called for the Russians to free the members of Pussy Riot, telling the crowd: “Belfast is a punk city and here’s a punk message to you – free Pussy Riot.

It was not a defining moment in history for punks.

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