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Judge doesn’t like lawyers in short skirts

by | 18th, June 2013

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LAWYERS, as we know, are all shark-eyed monsters. Another thing we all know is that judges are worse. The law is filled with dreadful humans, all jockeying for position constantly and tearing holes in people who have no idea how to deal with their steely nerve brain blitzing mindgames.

And so, to America, where a judge has issued a strict dress code to female lawyers in Tennessee who are no longer allowed to wear ‘inappropriate outfits’.

Or, as you know them, skirts.

Judge Royce Taylor said he has received complaints from a number of attorneys about some of their fellow professionals’ clothes. Clearly, this is an attempt to undermine the credibility of rivals or out-and-out old-school sexism, but the judge was good to back up the complaints.

The Tennessean reports that many women were turning up to court dressed in ‘revealing blouses, miniskirts and, in at least one instance, sweatpants’.

And so, to address the issue, Judge Taylor decided to write a letter to the women asking them to adopt a more conservative dress code. Of course, imaginary men in the sky got involved.

“All you have to do is go to church and see what people used to wear — hats, gloves, long dresses — have long been gone away with,” he wrote. “But I found that county judges here weren’t holding women to the same standard as men.”

The letter adds: “I have advised some women attorneys that a jacket with sleeves below the elbow is appropriate or a professional dress equivalent. Your personal appearance in court is a reflection upon the entire legal profession.”

Judges – they’re aroused by almost everything aren’t they? The dirty buggers.

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