Anorak News | Queen’s representative urinates of expectant mother’s doorstep

Queen’s representative urinates of expectant mother’s doorstep

by | 28th, June 2013

prince william piss

EYEWITNESS news of the day is found in the Exeter Express & Echo. News is that an Exeter postman has been caught urinating freely urinating outside a young couple’s front door. It went on for months.

Luke Osborne, 27, says:

“For months now my partner and I have been having to walk through urine on our front steps. I had to wash the steps down constantly as the smell was horrendous. Keyleigh is expecting our baby tomorrow (mon) and it is just so unhealthy. The entrance to our flat is secluded with steps up to the front door. When I went out there he was, full frontal, relieving himself. I couldn’t believe it. This is the Royal Mail, they deliver in the Queen’s name and there he was relieving himself on my front step.”

Anyone asked Her Majesty is she approves?

Photo: Prince William makes a special delivery.

Spotter: Karen

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