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Gay Pride London 2013 – in photos

by | 29th, June 2013

gay pride 2013

GAY Pride London 2013 was an entertaining show. It’s better than the event’s equivalent in Moldova, where bigots attacked the parade. In St Petersburg, the soon-to-sanctioned Russian law banning “homosexual propaganda”, led to anti-gay activists lobbing stones at priders.

In London and elsewhere in the UK, anti-gay activists have slapped up stickers sporting the legend “gay free zone”. Below is written “AND FEAR ALLAH: VERILY ALLAH IS SEVERE IN PUNISHMENT [EMQ: 59:7]“.  In Uganda, plans to execute gays have been watered down, a bit. And Israeli MP said “homosexuals caused Israel’s last earthquake”.

The BBC told ius that a “Church of England clergyman has been ordered to remove comments about gay people from his blog, remarks described by his diocese as “highly offensive”

The Rev Peter Mullen… suggested in his internet blog that homosexuals should have their backsides tattooed with the slogan: “Sodomy can seriously damage your health”. [He said it was satire.]

In Latvia, the No Pride moment (yep, they really are called that) harassed gay pride participants by dressing kids up in anti-sodomy T-shirts and chucking things.

It’s not always easy being gay. But the outfits are good:

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