Anorak News | Helen Flaganan gave another woman a’long hard blink’

Helen Flaganan gave another woman a’long hard blink’

by | 8th, July 2013

helen flanagan

HELEN Flanagan, who played a gilded lollipop on Coronation Street and a whine gum on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! has become a mainstay of the red-top press. This is on account of her vapidity, cleavage, tweeted break-in at the home of her Manchester City player lover Scott Sinclair, her cleavage, her nose job, no longer dating Sinclair, having been a child actor we’ve watched grow up and her chest

More recently, Flanagan was in the news because Sinclair has been linked with a Sky TV presenter called Donatella Panayiotou. Being a shy type, Donatella has written a caring and classy open letter to Helen in Now magazine:

Like you, I’ve been cheated on by boyfriends before and felt sick when I found out. want to take this opportunity to explain that I’d never do that to another woman – I think it’s Scott who’s been naughty. I met Scott in Cannes while he was on a lads’ holiday on a yacht a few weeks ago. His mates accidentally sprayed champagne over my friends and came over to apologise.

We all got chatting. I didn’t recognise him at first. He seemed so shy and boyish, I thought he was in a boy band, not a Premier League footballer dating one of the sexiest women in the world.

It’s brilliant, isn’t it. It get even better when she aks him if her has a girlfriend?

When he replied ‘Half-half,’ I pushed him further and asked if you still had stuff there. He said: ‘Some,’ but was very vague.’ According to the music presenter, the footballer then said: ‘My ex (Helen) had no bum but great boobs. After that he complimented my bum all the time and even tried to smack it. 

And then…(a bum roll, if you, puh-lease):

Scott looked into my eyes and said he wanted to see me back in the UK. He then did a long, hard blink and I knew he meant more than just friends.

Is a “long hard blink”  a euphemism? Or was he asleep?

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