Anorak News | Jennifer Lopez lives her life as if walking in a perfume advert

Jennifer Lopez lives her life as if walking in a perfume advert

by | 10th, July 2013

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JENNIFER Lopez, aka Jenny who owns the block, is the subject of a  W Magazine article in which she returns to her roots in New York’s Bronx:

She turned away from the house and went to her dressing-room trailer, where she would be transformed into the star she had dreamed of becoming. An hour later, she was swathed in a mink coat and high black patent-leather stilettos, her hair styled in a shoulder-length wave. Lopez walked the street as if it were a runway. She asked an assistant to hold up a full-length mirror so she could watch—and direct—her performance for the camera. Eventually, she posed in front of the house that made her. Two children, who live there now, ran into the yard behind her. Lopez turned and smiled. I was you, she seemed to be saying. And now I’m me.

Jenny, who already has a 21-strong fragrance range –  one smells of “the way a woman feels when she discovers herself“; another of “a special glow that women get when they’re pregnant and falling in love with their babies” – appears to be living her as if existing in a perfume commercial. This one will be called Bronx Cheer – top notes of wet Dalmatian puppy over essence of new money and Orbit mint gum…


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