Anorak News | Hebden Bridge couple freed from sexy times by Fire Brigade

Hebden Bridge couple freed from sexy times by Fire Brigade

by | 18th, July 2013

handcuffs sexTWO ladies were having a lovely time in Hebden Bridge. Now, that doesn’t sound remarkable, but these ladies were having some sexy times which involved handcuffs. Again, not remarkable, until you get to the part where the fire brigade get involved.

After a bit of bondage, the couple found that they’d lost the key for their handcuffs and as such, had to be cut free by firefighters.

The embarrassed pair walked to their local fire station at 1.30am and asked for help after they got stuck while using the cuffs. Very kind of them to avoid dialing 999.

“We found it amusing, but the girls looked embarrassed,” said Commander Paul Gyde.

“They (handcuffs) looked real and probably served the purpose for what they wanted them for.”

The firefighters eventually removed the couple from their sexual shackles and you suspect that the two women will be more careful where they put their keys in the future.

‘We were pleased we were able to assist them,’ Cmdr Gyde added.

All this comes hours after a story broke about a pensioner from Cornwall having to be freed from a deckchair after becoming stuck. Honestly, it’s like our emergency services don’t have better things to do.

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