Anorak News | A sex act and three mayonnaise enemas spice up Canadian Fringe Festival

A sex act and three mayonnaise enemas spice up Canadian Fringe Festival

by | 24th, July 2013

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THE Hen Pit show at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival features naked actors Doug Melnyk and Ian Mozdzens, three mayonnaise enemas and a sexual act.

Fringe Festival reviewer Michelle Palansky entices the crowd:

 “By the third time… I was like, you know, this is gratuitous. I do not need to see any more mayonnaise enemas for the rest of my lifetime..Fellatio was performed. Not for very long, for a couple of seconds, but definitely performed… That was just in the heat of the moment in the middle of the show. It was sort of a non-climax. Literally and figuratively…

“You can’t be a performer on stage in Winnipeg, or any other city, and not know the laws of the land. And as far as I know, everyone should know that live sex acts are not allowed on stage period.” 

Says Melnyk:

“If think if you make art according to what people want you’re a shoemaker. You’re trying to figure out what people want and you make it for them. That’s not art. We’re sort of trying to show all the sides of the body and of human actions that people are often embarrassed about or have conflicted feelings about… we’re going to show the raw side of things and we’re not going to protect people from imagery and that’s a better way to get at these issues of deep feeling and deep pain…

“It is a commercial festival so walkouts are fine. Even if we got shut down tomorrow we’d be fine because we did it and it’s done.”

Mayonnaise enemas are parts of every day life. Deal with it.

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