Anorak News | 50 Shades of Rainbow Dash: My Little Pony erotic fans fiction exists (extracts)

50 Shades of Rainbow Dash: My Little Pony erotic fans fiction exists (extracts)

by | 29th, July 2013

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MY Little Pony fan fiction is a thing that exists. It’s 50 Shades of Rainbow Dash.

These are a few extracts from the genre:

Rarity’s Erotic Massage by ZeroJanitor

“Hello to you too, Rarity.” said Twilight. “I came by to inform you that there’s going to be party at Sugarcube Corner at six o’clock tonight, hosted by our very own Pinkie Pie! There’s going to be food, games, movies, and between you and me, I think Pinkie’s going to make her ‘special’ punch.”

Twilight just stared at the ironing board in confusion. Rarity noticed the flustered look on her face.

“Oop! Hold on one second, Twilight!” Rarity activated her horn and pulled one of the dresser drawers open and lifted a screwdriver out. She used this to loosen the screw at the focal point of the board’s legs at about the speed of a power drill. The legs started to collapse, causing the ironing board to fall closer to the floor. At about 20 inches off the ground, Rarity drilled the screw back in and put the screwdriver back in the drawer. “There! Much better!”

Twilight hopped onto the table. Her legs dangled over the side, almost touching the ground, as her face was pressed firmly into the throw pillow. “You’re sure about this?” she asked, in a slightly muffled voice.

Though Rarity was a bit disgusted by the idea of Twilight’s lubricant getting on her ironing board, she enjoyed the idea even more.

Missionary position is tricky for ponies, but perfectly doable, evidenced by Rarity now pumping with more vigor than ever

A Random My Little Pony Fan Fiction Story by TheKnight21js

A pony named John awoken one day in his bed.

He yawned and while yawning, a chicken came out of his mouth, to which the chicken got up and did the Russian dance. Then John got out of bed to get some breakfast…

Then he went upstairs, went into the owner’s room, and touched everything, which was then infected with AIDS. Then John went down into a secret basement, where pinkie pie was harvesting organs for cupcakes…

My Little Pony: After Hours. by frenziedfemme

Rarity’s bedroom smelled sweetly of femininity– and that smell was comprised of notes that drove Dashie crazy day in and day out. Of sweet berries, evening flowers and dark, caramel-vanilla musk. The scent of Rarity was one that Dash would never forget. Hell, even if she happened to be walking down a path and caught whiff of peony or primrose, she caught her heart fluttering almost uncontrollably and her wings bouncing up embarrassingly into the air…

Simply groaning lowly in reply, body jerking a bit from where she was suspended from the ceiling by thick leather, the pegasus started to get a bit huffy, cheeks burning. Rarity was always one to tease and she enjoyed being in control– not that Rainbow didn’t appreciate that aspect of Rarity’s better half. The half that only showed itself in the bedroom.

Luxury Lotus Spa Follies by ButterscotchSundae

Oh! Oh! Bubbly!” she gasped. “I… oh, I think you… you should stop! I’m… uhh, I’m…” It took all of Twilight’s concentration to get the words out of her mouth as her mind was flooded with exquisite jolts of pleasure. Her horn, lit by the pooling of magical energy that was seeping uncontrolled throughout her body, started to sparkle of its own accord…

“Oh Trixie,” Twilight sighed. She drew her muddy hoof across the tiles in front of her, absent-mindedly marking the shape of a love-heart. “If only I knew how you really felt about me. But your life is just one big magic act, isn’t it? And I… I don’t think I can ever trust you enough to love you.”

Our Last Goodbye by RagingSemi

“Yes, Spike. What were you thinking? How could you have even asked that of me?” Twilight felt an old anger rising inside of her. She did her best to suppress it. This talk wasn’t going the way she had expected. “You’re no fool. Even … even ignoring my station in life. You’re a dragon, and I’m a pony. You’ll be very long lived, but I’m immortal. It would be like Rarity…”


“And that’s ignoring my station. But I AM the Princess, Spike. Surely you had to have know it was impossible. So what on earth were you thinking?”

“I was thinking…” Spike had only just woken up. He hadn’t prepared for any of this. All he could do was speak from the heart.


“I was thinking about Friendship. And all that time we spent learning about Friendship. You and me. Friendship is magic, Twilight. And with magic … you can do the impossible. I guess I thought that friendship … well, I guess it could conquer anything.”

“Oh, Spike,” Twilight backed away from him, shaking her head. She looked up his long snout and into his eyes. “Friendship is magic, Spike. But there are things that are even more powerful.”

“Well, then. Love.”

“My duty to my ponies, Spike. My responsibility. And besides, you didn’t love me, you loved Rarity.”

“No, Twilight. I was infatuated with Rarity, but I loved you. I realized that after I had grown.”


“Infatuation is fast. It’s cheap. But love? Twilight, that’s something that lasts forever. It builds slowly. It burns. Remember all those years we lived together? Learned together? Twilight, you were my first. I…”

“Oh, please. Spike. By our current ages, we were only children. We were playing with our bodies. Experimenting.”

Romance Reports by SleeplessBrony

“I am so, soooooo sorry about that! It was inappropriate, completely, and, and, and… drinks! I had a few that night. More than I’m used to. I didn’t really know what I was doing, I swear, I would never, EVER, disrespect you or your sister in such a way –”

It’s unbelievable stuff. But only David Cameron will let us know if it’s porn to be censored…

Broken Dreams by PrinceNightstar

She lifted him into the air with her magic, and carried him into her house, placing him onto the carpet covered floor, trotting upstairs to get a First-Aid Kit, or at least something to stop his bleeding. She raced back down a few seconds later, with a roll of gauze in her mouth. She wrapped the bandage around Music Note’s hindlegs, chest, and around his forehead, and that momentarily stopped the bleeding. “I’d better let him rest….he looks like he needs it…”


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