Anorak News | Sex in the study rooms closes public library

Sex in the study rooms closes public library

by | 24th, August 2013

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THE campaign to keep our libraries open moves to Windhoek Public Library in Namibia. Ruth Shikongo, a librarian, tells us:

“They (users) watch pornography and at times indulge in sex. The used condoms are a proof that people are involved in sexual activities in those rooms.”

She says an “elderly man alerted the library staff in May after he had witnessed a youth watching pornography while he was doing his assignments..The four students (two males and two females) were locked inside the study rooms and ignored the bell signalling that we were closing the study rooms. Where were they when a worker was looking inside each study room at closing time?” 

A notice was erected:

“The users are going there (into the study rooms) to engage in sexual activities and to watch porn. This is a warning to whoever will go there for such purpose.”

That notice failed:

“Even if we chase those who are caught watching pornography, the next day or week they change their hairstyles and come back.”

From now on, library users are accommodated upstairs in an open area behind the reception where the librarians as well as members of the public can see any activity.
If that doesn’t get the students into the library, they can always try handing out drugs…

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