Anorak News | Gay Putin portrait seized by Russian gay police – photos

Gay Putin portrait seized by Russian gay police – photos

by | 29th, August 2013

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THE portrait of Vladimir Putin grooming a bikini-clad Dmitry Medvedev is no longer on view in St Petersburg’s Museum of Power gallery (two rooms in a flat). It broke “laws” (unspecified) and has been removed by police.

Also removed is a picture of the leader of Russia’s Orthodox church covered in tattoos and St Petersburg deputy Vitaly Milonov’s face painted in the gay rights movement’s rainbow flag.

Mr Milanov says the pictures are “of a distinctly pornographic character“.

Russian porn, it appears, is lame and of the 1950s British sort.

St Petersburg has, of course, introduced a law banning “gay propaganda”.

Other pictures banned for being too gay are seen below:

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