Anorak News | Man drinks corpse toe and gets $500 fine to boot

Man drinks corpse toe and gets $500 fine to boot

by | 1st, September 2013

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PEOPLE complain when they find a fly in their soup. Imagine for a minute, if you ordered a drink at a bar and there was a cadaver’s toe in it.

Well, one customer at a hotel was fined $500 after he swallowed a human toe at the bar.

The severed bit of corpse had been dropped into a shot of whisky as part of a tradition in Dawson City, Canada, where everyone is clearly mental.

The Yukon ritual involves some mad berk drinking the Sourtoe Cocktail and having the toe touch their lips, without swallowing it.

Alas, if you accidentally send it down to your soon to be poorly guts (which has happened on several occasions). you face a penalty like the man who drank at the Downtown Hotel.

You might be wondering how a replacement is fixed up?

Well, toes come from donations from living donors that have lost them to illness or accidents. Want to see what the whole horrible spectacle looks like?

Here’s a video.

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