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The joys of eating roadkill in Cornwall

by | 23rd, September 2013

ROAD kill. Would you eat it?

Meet 73-year-old Arthur Boyt, notorious resident of remote Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and connoisseur of cooking and eating roadkill – nothing is too far fetched or fanciful to end up on his plate. In this film we take a trip into Arthur’s universe and learn how to cook a cracking badger casserole, as well as find out how best to prepare polecat meat before cooking.

Says Arthur:

“I ate a badger once that someone else had picked up because they wanted its skull. It was blown up like a horse on the western front and it smelt rather horrible. When I cut into it, the flesh was green but nevertheless I persevered and stewed it. It made the house smell like the old fashioned mental hospitals used too, but boy it tasted delicious!”

It clearly never has done him any harm…

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