Anorak News | Daily Mirror accuses Manchester United of playing like ‘powderpuff’ gays against Manchester City

Daily Mirror accuses Manchester United of playing like ‘powderpuff’ gays against Manchester City

by | 24th, September 2013


DAILY Mirror betting tipster Derek McGovern can’t get enough of The Village People, the band that sang about sodomy in the showers:

September 14:

What I’m saying is that, with Thelikesof Basel and Otelul Galati joining United in the easiest group since The Village People, three clean sheets on the road for Fergie’s men is almost a done deal.

Easiest on the ear? On the clean sheets?

August 18, 2011:

A survey of people pulled over by the rozzers have found the three worst things to say are:

1. Aren’t you the guy from the Village People?

But that is topped by today’s Village People reference in which McGovern, reportedly, says of the band with the big gay following:

Bug-eyed boss David Moyes allegedly turned Everton into The People’s Club. Now, on the evidence of Sunday’s powderpuff performance, he’s turning United into the Village People’s Club.

Powderpuff. Or powder puff? If McGovern calling the United team gay for not getting a better result at Manchester City? Does he think homosexuals can’t play football well?

And this in the Mirror that reported earlier in the month:

A new drive has been launched to help address homophobia in football, with footballers invited to wear rainbow laces in their boots next weekend.

Stonewall – the gay rights charity – and Paddy Power are part of a campaign that will see sets of laces sent to all Premier League and Football League teams over the next week, as well as sides in the Scottish Professional Football League.

Those involved hope the Right Behind Gay Footballers campaign will help the sport take a stand against homophobia, with players urged to wear laces this weekend in support.


What a Twit: Liverpool starlet Suso fined £10k for calling Jose Enrique ‘gay’ on Twitter

And got all right-on when Boris Johnson said something:

Buffoon Boris Johnson sparked fury at a gay rights event by making a crude joke about same-sex marriage.

Angry guests walked out in disgust after the Tory toff said during his speech: “I’m delighted that as of this autumn any young man will be able to take his chum up the Arsenal… and marry him.”

The London Mayor’s offensive gaffe was slammed by MPs last night as “crass and tasteless”.

He might be a Tory buffoon to the Labour-loving Mirror, but he;s not on the Mirror’s payroll…


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