Anorak News | Deathwise child rides plastic tricycle down busy motorway

Deathwise child rides plastic tricycle down busy motorway

by | 25th, September 2013

Boy-tricycle rio

DRIVERS will know that, when you’re behind the wheel, you have to stay alert. Cats run into the road, cyclists weave in-and-out of traffic and weird accidents can happen.

However, in Brazil, motorists got the shock of their lives as they dodged an eight-year-old boy riding a tricycle alongside them.

The young rider was caught on camera as he used a dangerous road as his playground in New Town, Rio de Janeiro. When people peevishly say ‘go and play in traffic’, it seems this little scamp took it to heart.

The three minute clip shows the youngster scooting down the highway, which was on a slope so presumably loads of fun, while cars pass ball-tighteningly close to him.

Naturally, this fearless child repeated the process once he got to the bottom, dragging his little death trap back to the start.

The boy looked like he was enjoying himself, despite what seemed like inevitable death and, at one point in the video, you can see him pointing skyward like a celebrating footballer with supreme enjoyment.

Despite the boy saying the dangerous ride was ‘cool’, social services want to speak to his family and beat them round the head with a plastic tricycle.

Watch the video below.

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