Anorak News | Jimmy Savile stands in for Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2

Jimmy Savile stands in for Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2

by | 25th, September 2013

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THE Daily Mail reports that “DJ Chris Evans has courted controversy after impersonating serial sex predator Jimmy Savile live on air to nearly 10 million listeners”.

Impersonating Jimmy Savile involves:

a) being dead

b) grabbing hold of children

c) becoming aPapal knight

d) looking like an identikit nonce

So. What did Evans do?

The Radio 2 Breakfast Show host reeled off a string of the disgraced BBC television presenter’s catchphrases, including ‘Now then, now then’ and ‘How’s about that then’.

Omitting the other unforgettable catchphrases:

“It’s out little secret”

“No-one will believe you”

“I can have you killed”


“Your secrets safe with me young Prince Charlie”

He was stopped mid-routine by his stunned producer who quickly jumped in, saying: ‘We’ve never needed to move on more urgently.’

But they can’t. What with all the brouhaha over the astronomical payoffs to BBC staffers and the stench of impending claims and court cases, it’s hard for the BBC to move on.


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