Anorak News | Sharon Osbourne found Ozzy’s ‘Pyramid of Pills’ – but not a Colossus of crack

Sharon Osbourne found Ozzy’s ‘Pyramid of Pills’ – but not a Colossus of crack

by | 29th, September 2013

The_Sun_29_9_2013THE Sun on Sunday leads with the shocking news that Ozzy Osbourne has taken drugs.

In “Ozzy, I want a divorce…”, Pixie-voiced Sharon Osbourne, the X Factor judge, “discovers secret stash of Ritalin, Valium, speed and sleeping pills”. Cynics might wonder if the secret stash was found amongst other drugs.

SHARON Osbourne reveals today she demanded a divorce from Ozzy after discovering he was back on drugs and booze. Furious Sharon gave hellraiser Ozzy, 64, his marching orders when she found a secret stash of Valium, speed, sleeping pills and cocaine-like prescription drug Ritalin.


– FOUND a “pyramid of pills” in the bathroom of their LA mansion and read his journals telling how he was back on the booze;

A pyramid of pills? She did not find a Stonehenge of suppositories, the Hanging Gardens of marijuana, a Colossus of contraband or a mountain of hash carved to resemble the Mausoleum of Mausolus.

She says:

“So suffice to say that it was one of the most anti-climactic, frustrating, distressing days of my life. And given what I have been through, that’s saying something.”

Readers can get the full anti-climatic experience when they realise that Sharon is not using the pages of the SoS not to demand a divorce; she’s merely recalling an episode of her life when she did, as told in her latest biography.

Sharon and Ozzy are not getting a divorce. How’s that for a scoop?


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