Anorak News | Edinburgh’s most wanted: Who rubbed the paint off Greyfriars Bobby’s nose?

Edinburgh’s most wanted: Who rubbed the paint off Greyfriars Bobby’s nose?

by | 6th, October 2013

greyfriars bobby
WHO is buffing the nose of Edinburgh statue Greyfriars Bobby, the dog who stood for 14 years by his owner’s grave? Some say he waited out of cupboard love, stood there as passers-by and a local curator fed him.  Others says the dog kept his spot for nine years and was replaced after death by a look-alike to keep the story alive and the tourists coming.
Last Tuesday the Skye Terrier’s nose was retuned to its original black. Two days later, it was again shiny.
Edinburgh City Council have called in the police, who say an abrasive substance was used to remove the black paint. PC Nick Davies, of Police Scotland, tells us:
“This crime is as unusual as it is disappointing to observe. The statue is a beloved tourist attraction and is also very popular with Edinburgh’s local residents. The nose has recently been touched up to restore it following years of wear and at first it was believed the repair had not adhered correctly to the monument. However, we are now treating this as an act of vandalism after discovering that an abrasive has been used to remove the material from the repaired area. As such, anyone who remembers seeing any suspicious activity around Greyfriars Bobby in the past few days is asked to contact police.”
The nose will be repainted. Meanwhile, send for the sniffer dogs…

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