Anorak News | Someone buys Breaking Bad underpants for nearly $10k (NOT FOR CHARITY)

Someone buys Breaking Bad underpants for nearly $10k (NOT FOR CHARITY)

by | 11th, October 2013

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BREAKING BAD is a show that divides everyone straight down the middle. You’ve got people who haven’t seen it and you’ve got people who love it, constantly tweet about it and make everyone else hate it even more. There is no middle ground.

On the Mental And I Love It side of things, one fan spent $9,900 on the underpants worn by Walter White from Breaking Bad. One can assume that Walter White had more than one pair of undercrackers, but there you go.

The show collaborated with Sony Pictures and Screenbid to hold a 10-day auction, where fans could bid for all manner of things.

Walter’s underwear from the pilot sold for $9,900, his inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass went for a whopping $65,500 and Hector Salamanca’s infamous bell got bids in advance of $26,750.

In total, the Breaking Bad auction raised almost $1 million.

That’s a lot of money for charity isn’t it? WAIT! WHAT? THIS WASN’T FOR CHARITY? Nope. ScreenBid was set up to raise money for studios.

Jeffrey Dash formed ScreenBid as a way for production companies to generate incremental revenue for props, saying: “We’ve found a way to monetize these assets for studios”.

So basically, someone just gave Sony a huge cut on buying a pair of soiled underpants. How marvelous.

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