Anorak News | The Hackney’s Atheist Church: can Sandi Toksvig replace God?

The Hackney’s Atheist Church: can Sandi Toksvig replace God?

by | 11th, October 2013


ALL hail Hackney’s Atheist Church. The HAC will “do good without God”.

Bit odd that a group that doesn’t want God should call itself a Church and meet on Sunday. Instead of sermons, the group with hold “talks on science and life”.  But not God. That part of life is taboo.

It all sounds a bit intolerant.

Comedians Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones are the church’s founders. Evans says it’s a  “community and celebration without religion”. But it is with religion. It’s called a Church. And not a synagogue, mosque or a temple. These atheists  make do without a Christian god.

The Hackney Citizen reports:

An enthusiastic rendition of Chumbawumba’s I Get Knocked Down (accompanied by a live band and a choir) was followed by a poetry reading, a ‘sermon’ and a moment for reflection… The mood was celebratory and playful, incorporating lots of laughter, a hand-slapping game and one or two ‘mini raves.’

Later there was time for tea and biscuits…

Perhaps significantly, everyone involved in the Sunday Assembly gives up their time for free.

Incredibly, they don’t charge.

Past speakers have included Sandi Toksvig, who spoke on the subject of life, and Harry Cliff, who tackled the large hadron collider. Future bookings include Lloyd Grossman, who will speak on Christmas, and Dan Snow, who will address the subject of remembrance.

All that for free.

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