Anorak News | The Green Dragon cult: Environmentalism is seducing your kids and killing Christianity

The Green Dragon cult: Environmentalism is seducing your kids and killing Christianity

by | 14th, October 2013

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THE Green Dragon is feeding the minds of your kids. It is a “spiritual deception”.  It is “deadly“. It is killing Jesus.

How are you Resisting the Green Dragon?

Resisting the Green Dragon is therefore particularly timely because it not only refutes the scientific case for dangerous manmade warming and other “crises,” but also exposes how environmental organizations use sophisticated media campaigns and even seek increased global governance to promote their agenda among policy makers, religious leaders, and youth.

“One of the greatest threats to society and the church today is the multifaceted environmentalist movement,” says Cornwall Alliance founder and national spokesman Dr. E. Calvin Beisner. “There isn’t an aspect of life that it doesn’t seek to force into its own mold.”

Many well-known Christian leaders agree. Focus on the Family’s Tom Minnery joined Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Richard Land, Concerned Women for America’s Wendy Wright, Home School Legal Defense Association’s Michael Farris, National Religious Broadcasters’ Frank Wright, WallBuilders’ David Barton, and radio talk-show host Janet Parshall in filming introductions and commentary for the 12-part DVD series, which started shipping last week.

Something called the Cornwall Alliance has more:

Hot off the press from the Cornwall Alliance is a powerful, well-researched analysis of the contemporary environmental movement. In Resisting the Green Dragon: Dominion, Not Death, physicist and lay theologian Dr. James A. Wanliss carefully documents the anti-Christian worldview, theology, and ethics of the Green movement.

“Like a lion, the environmental movement has stalked its prey—in this case the Christian church,” says Doug Bandow, author of Beyond Good Intentions: A Biblical View of Politics.

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