Anorak News | Eradicating invasive species over dinner: Lionfish on a bed of leopard cat and snapping turtle gizards

Eradicating invasive species over dinner: Lionfish on a bed of leopard cat and snapping turtle gizards

by | 16th, October 2013


THE best way to eradicate invading foreign species of creature is to eat them. In Houston, Lionfish is on the menu:

 “Four bar seats face the area where Gaston prepares a variety of internationally themed delicacies, from sashimi to ceviche, crudo, mana, steak tartare, and the lionfish dish, Poisson Cru. He places a sizeable fillet on the board, deftly slices it into strips and lays them out on a dish. He mixes coconut milk with ginger and chiles in a bowl, pours it over the fish and adds morsels of fresh orange and olive oil. I enjoy it with a gimlet made with Tito’s Ruby Red vodka, an excellent complement to the flavors. Cove Bar also serves a list of wines by the glass and bottle, a selection of draught and bottle beers and daily drink specials. Downing my plate of lionfish, I’ve not only enjoyed a delicious appetizer; I’ve done a good deed, as well.”

The Lionfish:

Lionfish are native to the Indian Ocean, but they stowed away in ship ballasts, came to the Caribbean, and now they’re an invasive species, covering reefs with their spiny selves and displacing native species. There are no native predators and—although divemasters all over the Caribbean are trying to teach groupers, sharks, moray eels and other predators to eat them—so far their spread has been explosive.


Lionfish Carpaccio

3 large limes
3 tablespoons sugar
Liberal amount of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
As many capers as you like
Dash of Tabasco or other hot sauce (optional)

Squeeze the limes and mix the juice with all the other ingredients except the fish. This mix will keep in the fridge, although the olive oil does go a little cloudy once refrigerated. With extreme care de-spine and fillet the lionfish. Slice the fillets as thinly as possible. Drizzle the sauce over the meat.

The Telegraph notes:

Leopard cats and racoons could become invasive species in UK – Snapping turtles that kill ducklings, geese that are attacking other birds and an African clawed toad are some of the foreign species identified by scientists which could invade England and threaten native species.

Serve with crusty French bread. D’lish.



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