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Who Stole Gumby?

by | 17th, October 2013

Stolen Gumby statue

Gumby was created by sculptor Ze’ev Willy Neumann. The locals loved it, as Mr Malkin says:

“People would see it and smile and take their kids to say ‘Hi’ to Gumby… It’s an American classic. He’s friendly. Everybody loves Gumby. I guess the people responsible loved him so much that they stole him.”

Gumby was the work of Art Clokey, starring in the hit TV show The Adventures of Gumby.

Whoever stole Gumby might find it a job to hide the thing. It’s not a small figurine, garden gnome or doll. It’s a huge tribute to a TV character. Was it an impulse-theft? Or did it take planning? Gumby will surely return. The thieves have bitten off more than they can chew…

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