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Ann Summers Fights Off Rampant Rabbi Marital Aide

by | 27th, October 2013

rampant rabbi

SHED Simove has created the Rampant Rabbi, a plastic phallus that lets a toy Jewish cleric touch your innermost being and turn you on to holy love.

For £99, you can buy the device (tagline: “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!”).

But Shed, 42, says Ann Summers, the plastic knickers and Hen Night aides chain of shops, says the Rampant Rabbi sounds a too much like it Rampant Rabbit. People who like their orgasms delivered by plastic Bug Bunny action figures could become confused.

But Anorak likes the idea of buying sex aides off a man called Shed. His is a cottage industry for sexual adventures. We look forward to his S&M range fashioned from old bicycles, that rowing machine you put away for a bit and tins of food past their sell-by date. Ann is a name we associate more with nursing and being a footballer’s wife in the 1970s. No wonder the big business is worried.

Says a defiant Shed:

“I don’t think there’s any confusion between the products.”

Ann Summers disagrees:

“An application for the trademark Rampant Rabbi was challenged due to a conflicting mark with our trademark, Rampant Rabbit.”

Other things to look out for:

Rampant Rab: A vibrating Scottish man in a vest

Rampant Ra: A nod to the Egyptian sun god

Rampant R (Sole): For shoes fetishists.


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