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The Troubling Story Of Bijan Ebrahimi Killed by The State’s Wicked Whipers

by | 29th, October 2013

BIJAN Ebrahimi was wrongly accused of assaulting children. The 44-year-old Iranian national was burnt to death in Bristol.

The Indy leads with the news:



The story is summed up:

On the few occasions the quiet and self-effacing Bijan Ebrahimi ventured outside his drab council maisonette on the outskirts of Bristol, it was to tend to his flower baskets. He did not work – he had a back problem and was registered disabled – so his focus was on his cat and his garden.

His interest in horticulture provided him with his greatest pleasure, but also played a significant role in his death. When Mr Ebrahimi saw local youths apparently vandalising his flowers, he took pictures of them. It was a decision that would lead to his being wrongly branded a paedophile by his neighbours. One was so incensed by his alleged crime that he beat Mr Ebrahimi unconscious, and, with the help of a friend, set him alight after dousing him with white spirit.

Mr Ebrahimi complained of the vandalism to police. When they arrived at his home, neighbours told them he’d been taking pictures of the children, or suspected vandals, if you will. Police took the innocent man away. And that led to the rumours – utterly unfounded rumours – growing.

The police had acted on misinformation. It’s not just the mob who are obsessed with paedos. It’s the State. Mr Ebrahimi’s death can be traced back to the State’s treatment of parents in Cleveland and care homes in North Wales. The Press is also obsessed with crimes against children, so too the politicians which see such crimes as an easy way to showcase their strength. They use crimes against children to prove how in touch they are with the common man.

Take the Sex Offenders’ Register. It means parents can spot the perverts. It also means that sex offenders can never move on from their crime. Why no official registers for killers, burglars, women beaters, muggers and fraudsters? And does the public knowing a person’s previous stop future crimes? Doesn’t it just make all adults suspects? What of Sarah’s Law, Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme:

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme, or “Sarah’s Law”, allows parents to ask police if someone with access to their son or daughter has been convicted or suspected of child abuse. Officers look into the background of individuals and reveal details confidentially if they think it is in the child’s interests.

Police reveal details confidentially if they think it is in the child’s interests

Previously, a parent could alert police to concerns about someone, but there were no clear rules about whether or not they should be told anything if child protection officers discovered cause for concern.

Police can also warn parents if concerns are raised by grandparents or neighbours.

Sara Payne, the mother of eight-year-old Sarah Payne who was murdered by a convicted sex offender in West Sussex in 2000, has been campaigning for the government to bring in such measures since her daughter died.

One rare and hideous crime creates policy. The  PR-obsessed police then get to work.

That’s the background to the killing of Bijan Ebrahimi.

One local man told the Bristol Post:

“[On the night Mr Ebrahimi was arrested] everyone came out and they were calling him a paedophile. When we went into the close it was very hostile – they wanted him moved out. There were about 20 people out there all having a say. They had him down as a 100 per cent paedophile. When the police took him away everyone was cheering. Then he got released back into that.

On July 12, police released the innocent man from custody.  On July 14, Lee James, a 24-year-old neighbour with children, beat Mr Ebrahimi unconscious. It’s alleged that another man, one Stephen Norley, also 24, dragged Mr Ebrahimi from his home. It’s alleged that Norley got some white spirit….

James has admitted murder. Norley has admitted to assisting an offender. He will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on 28 November. Both men are nutcases. But neither man will upon their release from prison have his name aded to a register of killers.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has also confirmed that three constables have been suspended and could face gross misconduct charges over their dealings with Mr Ebrahimi. Three other officers, including a sergeant and an inspector, have been interviewed by the watchdog and could also face the same charge. They have not been suspended.

Rachel Cerfontyne, the deputy chairman of the IPCC, says:

“Our investigation is into police officers’ and staff decisions and actions in all their dealings with Mr Ebrahimi following his call to police on 11 July until his death on 14 July. This will also include any previous police contact with him and how those incidents were dealt with, including interactions with other agencies.”

Have a heart for these coppers. They were only doing what the hysteric State and media wanted them too…

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