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Madeleine McCann: Euclides Monteiro Goes Down

by | 5th, November 2013

MADELEINE McCann: What news of the dead black immigrant Euclides Monteiro? The Express says it’s of front-page importance:


maddieThe crime?

Phone records show suspect was nearby when Madeleine McCann vanished

Well, yes. All we know for certain is that she vanished. The single thread to the story remains unchanged.

Detectives in Portugal say the data shows that Euclides ­Monteiro, a convicted thief and heroin user, was close to or at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz on the night Madeleine was snatched in May 2007.

Smacked-out black man steals child whilst looking for iPod and cash in Portugal? He couldn’t have blended in more had he been wearing a burqa.

Officers are probing whether Monteiro may have taken her out of revenge after being sacked for stealing by the Algarve holiday club.

Was he sacked for stealing? A source says he was accused of stealing and then never turned up for work the next day. Was he sacked, or did he just move on?

The 6ft 2in father-of-two died aged 40 in a tractor accident in 2009. Relatives insist he was innocent and say they will work with police to clear his name.

That he should have to prove his innocence is a failure. But what about that headline placing him at the “scene of crime”?

Records of mobile phone signals obtained by Portuguese police are understood to show that he was in the vicinity of the Ocean Club on the night the three-year-old went missing.

Officers are trying to determine why this might be, as it was a year since he had been sacked and at that time he was living 15 minutes away.

Fetch the ouija board.

Euclides Monteiro

But Monteiro’s sister Paula last night claimed he may have sold the phone before Madeleine disappeared. Speaking from her home in Argozelo, northern Portugal, she said: “He was always swapping or selling his phones around that time. I consider myself lucky not to have been arrested because at the time I lent him a mobile which was still in my name. The phone isn’t proof that he was near Madeleine McCann’s apartment. I know he was not there.”

So. There is it: mobile phone of drug-taking black man who worked at Ocean Club was in Praia da Luz on the night the child vanished. Let’s dig him up and beat him with sticks.

Portuguese police continue to examine Monteiro, who emigrated to Portugal as a child from Cape Verde, off west Africa. They are investigating whether he may have been stealing from guests’ rooms at the Ocean Club to feed a heroin habit. Monteiro was convicted of theft in 1996 and served a jail sentence.

Send the man down (six feet)…

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