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Arsenal: Piers Morgan’s Fails All In One Place

by | 9th, November 2013

CELEBRITY Arsenal fan Piers Morgan likes to tweet about his team. He lives in LA and tweets whenever Arsenal play. As Gunners’ fans dance around and sing at the Emirates and others enjoy the moment and the action in bedrooms and pubs, Morgan sits by a computer in LA and types “Booom” and how rubbish Arsenal are. Morgan believes you can run a club via Twitter.

Some bright spark has compiled his asinine tweets into one picture:


Piers Morgans fails



Morgan’s wife is Celia Walden. She writs in the Telegraph:

“If Twitter were only responsible for trivialising and vulgarising life into a series of bite-sized, meaningless superficialities, I might have come around to it by now.. But it’s the shared moments it has stolen, the way it has bruised my life by taking up so much of my husband [Piers Morgan] and friends’ time and energy, that I really resent. And all to what aim? A relentless pursuit of the eternal moi.” 


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