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Newcastle United: Steven Taylor Does A Massively Racist Tweet

by | 18th, November 2013

NEWCASTLE United’s Steven Taylor dropped a howler on Twitter today, basically being a ’70s racist, just shy of talking about golliwogs and wondering whether or not to say “some of my best friends are darkies.”

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Taylor tweeted a picture which included a black and white minstrel act, someone wearing an afro wig and an African tribesman. And he sent it to Papiss Cisse, Moussa Sissoko, Vurnon Anita and Massadio Haidara, saying “it’s good to see you guys smiling.”

Everyone was very quick to point out insensitive, stupid and offensive Taylor was and he promptly removed the picture saying: “apologies if my tweet offended anybody.”

Of course, the ugliest word in football then rose up with teammate Haidara defending his captain by saying it was just dressing room “banter”.

“Steven Taylor’s behaviour is foolish on his part and while he may have meant it as a joke he clearly does not know how offensive those images are to some people,” spat Ged Grebby, chief executive of the Show Racism the Red Card campaign. “I don’t think Steven is racist. He has been a big supporter of our campaign for years, but he has to understand that things like this are offensive.”

“It is a joke between team-mates, but it was an ill-advised one and he is right to apologise for the offence he may have caused people who saw it. We had a big backlash of people offended by the images that Steven tweeted. Footballers should always be aware that images and comments that they don’t mean to be offensive, can offend people.”

“It is the same sort of crude racial stereotyping that is seized upon by the English Defence League and other far-right organisations and it can be very hurtful to those who are on the receiving end of it. I’m glad he has removed the picture, but modern technology means it has been seen by thousands of people and there will be kids out there who may now think that sort of humour is acceptable.”

It isn’t a surprise that a footballer might do something preposterously thick, but gee whizz, this one takes the biscuit. Will Taylor have his captaincy taken off him now?

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