Anorak News | India: Bride Marries ‘Relative’ After Groom Vanishes

India: Bride Marries ‘Relative’ After Groom Vanishes

by | 18th, November 2013

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PATIENCE, men looking for a wife. You just need to be at a lot of weddings. And wait.  In India, a wedding guest has stepped in to marry a jilted bride.

The 30-year-old man was there to see the marriage of Ponradha, 23, daughter of Palpandi of Lakshmimanagaram near Arumuganeri in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, to Sithiraivelu, 35, son of Jayaraman.

But the night before the do, the groom was nowhere to be found.The bride’s family were fearful. A wedding was booked. Ponradha must marry. And then a  new man stepped into the breach. This relative of the bride agreed to marry Ponradha.


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