Anorak News | Medics Remove Family Photo Stitched Inside A Live Chicken

Medics Remove Family Photo Stitched Inside A Live Chicken

by | 21st, November 2013

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TO South Florida,where Miami-Dade County Animal Services have found a photograph protruding from the chest of a chicken called Trooper. Katha Sheehan, who looked after the bird at her Florida City chicken rescue centre, says. “The person who found him and I looked at him. That thing is protruding from his chest. It doesn’t look like keel bone.”

Sheehan cut the rudimentary stitches and reached in. She retrieved a 4 by 6 photo of three young adults, two women and a man and the drawing of a human skull.



What could it mean? Miami-Dade College anthropology professor Mercedes Cros Sandoval explains: “This is a magical ritual of Cuban origin, probably, with the name ‘Sarabanda,’ which is a deity from the Congo area that was probably used to affect the relationship of these three young people. To me it is alien, the idea of casting your sins on innocent animals.”

Veterinarian Dr. Marc Kramer adds: “It’s in reasonable spirits, though looking somewhat pale and still dealing with a large infected wound. It has a good appetite and the will to survive. Trooper is going to be a happy and productive member of society.”

Indeed, chickens often are. The same cannot be said of Donny Osmond, a picture of whom was once retrieved from inside a woman.

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