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Co-op Shopper Served Poo In A Bag

by | 22nd, November 2013

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WITH the Co-op  in the news on account of its now ex-chairman Paul Flowers’ alleged buying of crack cocaine and meth (and there are the allegations about his hiring rent-boys on company time), we turn to Caroline Byrne. She says that whilst shopping at a Co-op store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, her pizza, two cartons of milk and wet wipes were packed in a bag already containing poo.

She says: “I went to put the rest of the stuff away and noticed poo on the bottles of milk. I looked in the bag and there was a piece of poo at the bottom. First of all, I could not believe my eyes. Then I felt angry because it could have been a lot worse. It could have been my children unpacking the bag and touching it.”

It always could have been a lot worse with these kinds of stories. Her goods were replaced. But she wants more.

“If they were more sympathetic towards me and tried to sort it out, I would have been more lenient. But I’m not happy. They owe me compensation for what I have been through.”

The Co-op replies: “Save the plant. Bring  your own bags.” No. Not really. What it said was:

“Checks have been carried out in the store and on other carrier bags, both in the store and in the warehouse, and no problems have been found. We have also instructed environmental health experts to carry out a thorough inspection of the store and warehouse to verify this. We offer our sincere apologies to the customer, and we will maintain contact with her throughout our investigation.”

If we have learnt anything from these Co-op stories, it is that all dealings with its staff and members should be recorded on camera. And use your own shopping bags. Recycle, people…

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