Anorak News | James Arthur Cancels All Engagements Thanks To ‘Exhaustion’, Which No-one Believes

James Arthur Cancels All Engagements Thanks To ‘Exhaustion’, Which No-one Believes

by | 22nd, November 2013

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HAHAHAHA! Yeah, right!

That’s the general consensus which met the statement that James Arthur is cancelling all his engagements after being diagnosed with acute exhaustion.

In this case, ‘acute exhaustion’ seems to mean ‘made a thundering error by saying something homophobic, and then got called out on it, fought back without apology and made it all worse, and now doesn’t quite know what to do’.

So what’s been going on? Well, if you missed it, Arthur called someone ‘queer’ in a rap battle. While that’s an unpleasant phrase, everyone assumed the X Factor star was just acting up and said something really dumb, but wasn’t actually homophobic. However, after an initial apology, James press the meltdown button for his PR company.

He somehow got involved in a spat with another X Factor graduate, Lucy Spraggan, who basically handed him his arse.

Arthur texted Spraggan, which she screengrabbed and tweeted. He wrote: “Lucy what are you playing at having digs at me. Is it coz you’re a gay rights activist you had to say something as extreme as ‘people kill themselves every day over words like queer’ are you for real?”

“You not think you’re being a bit over the top? Do you want attention or something? Sorry I didn’t tweet your album link I’ve been busy but you didn’t need to be so two faced…”

It seems James Arthur thinks being a gay rights activist is also something to use as an insult. The daft sod. Again, Arthur is invariably not homophobic, but rather, really, really stupid. However, it is hard to defend him when he’s so expertly painting himself in corners like this.

And so, with nowhere to go, and the whole of Twitter after him (including Frankie Boyle and Limmy, who are not to be trifled with), his publicist released a statement saying: “Following an emergency doctors appointment on Thursday 21st November, James Arthur was diagnosed with acute exhaustion and instructed to rest for seven days. Regretfully he has to cancel all engagements in that period.”

“We would like to apologise to his fans for any disappointment caused by these cancellations and hope he gets back to full health as soon as possible.”

Pop careers are more fragile than pensioner hair. It certainly seems James Arthur has some arses to kiss to scramble out of the quagmire he’s created for himself… if not, he’s going to have a lot of enemies waiting for him and they’re already buying the popcorn to watch his car wreck.

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