Anorak News | Gary Barlow Finds Twitter Q&A Session Rather Taxing

Gary Barlow Finds Twitter Q&A Session Rather Taxing

by | 22nd, November 2013

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SINCE Take That hung up their microphones after their last tour, Gary Barlow has kept himself busy by starring on TV as an X Factor judge. He’s also recorded a new album that sounds like Mumford & Sons, which caused hipster folk bands to create a giant pyre of fiddles and ukuleles.

So, to promote the new LP, he took to Twitter for a Q&A. A chance for Barlow to hear from his fans, right? Well, sadly for Gary, he found that most questions focused on one thing – tax avoidance.

The singer was revealed to have invested £26 million in a tax avoidance scheme last year, joined by bandmates Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Take That manager Jonathan Wild.

It has been called a “tax shelter” and, apparently, it attracted around £480 million from somewhere in the region of 1,000 wealthy investors.

Of course, Barlow didn’t talk to anyone about his finances, despite the calls of hypocrisy from tweeters who pointed out that it was a bit rich of him to order people to give money to Children In Need last week, when he was ferreting his wealth away, which doesn’t go to good causes.

It is worth pointing out that Take That’s lawyers said the musicians had no intention of avoiding tax and that their investments are legitimate (just so we don’t get sued by anyone).

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