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Sad Cambridge Fish In Toilet Row

by | 23rd, November 2013

LOCAL News headline of the week: The Cambridge News:

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The story, as told by Raymond Brown, tells us that two “youths” had asked to use the toilet at the offices of Cam Conservators at Baits Bite Lock:

“One of the youths deliberately propped his bicycle against the steps leading up to the office door to make access difficult. He was standing in the way. The member of staff couldn’t get in. Instead, made to use the welfare facilities but couldn’t, being occupied by the other youth. Asked the older youth to move aside so that access could be gained to the main office. First member of staff chivvied them both off site. This nearly became a scuffle when bodily contact was made. Second member of staff had to intervene.”

“A dead fish was slammed up against the windowpane beside the second member of staff’s desk and then stuffed through the letterbox. The youths were ignored. They cycled off.

“Once they had gone, the sad fish was returned to the river.”



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