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Olympic Torchbearer Rehearsed With Frozen Humpback Salmon

by | 25th, November 2013

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IN readiness for a spot of Olympic torch carrying for the Sochi Winter Games, Alexander Kaptarenko, 101, has been carrying around a frozen humpback salmon.

The Olympic flame is passing through Kaptarenko’s home town of Novosibirsk next month, and he wants to ensure he’s on-song. As she explains: “Nobody gave me a torch [to train with], they didn’t even promise one, and you need train. But how do you train? This guy, Ruslan, gave me four small dumbbells, half a kilo each, but they’re hard to hold, while a fish, big and all, can be held by its tail, thank God.”

The fish and torch each weigh 1.3 kilogram (2.9 pounds).

However,  with the weight mastered, he’s worried about the endurance. Torch bearers each get 200 metres of glory. He fancies he can manage 50 metres. Maybe he can navigate the extra length on skates.

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