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Watch An Exploding Sperm Whale And Puke

by | 27th, November 2013

JUST eaten? Just about to eat? Thinking about eating ever again? You might not want to watch this lovely video of an exploding animal corpse.

Yesiree, we have a delightful reel of the special moment when a whale carcass explodes all over a marine biologist as he cuts it wide open.

This particular sperm whale was one of two that died after becoming trapped in a narrow channel in the Faroe Islands… and now it is trapped on the internet.

The islands’ community wanted to use one of the whale’s skeletons in a museum, so our pal Bjarni Mikkelse had the nice job of cutting open the corpse.

However, the whale had been dead for two days and with that, comes a build-up of gas. And that’s a big ol’ body to make a helluva lot of gas. While they were prepared for some emissions, no-one was quite ready for such an explosive result.

Mercifully, our scientist was dressed from head to toe in protective clothing and, with a delicious bang, the gas tears through the 45ft cadaver, spewing the insides, outside.



If you like that, you will LOVE this.

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