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Romanians Lurk In The Shade To Steal Mushrooms

by | 29th, November 2013


HAVING been monstered by the Daily Mail in what local Romanians claim was a set-upAdevarul says “post-revolutionary Romania’s image in the international media is besieged with stigmas”.

No kidding. If the Romanians aren’t nicking your granny’s hospital bed they’re stealing mushrooms. In “Mystery of Missing Mushrooms Leaves French Blaming Roma”, the New York Times reports on shady goings on life in France:

Guy Sant is distressed about the sorry state of his mushroom business this year. Usually in the autumn, when the weather turns brisk and the leaves begin to fall, his pickers gather 60 tons of wild fungi to satisfy European consumers, he said. This fall, they found only 16 tons. “I lost so much this year, I may have to close,” he said bleakly.

Mr. Sant, who runs Cevennes-Truffes, a mushroom company based in St. Anastasie in southern France, says he knows who to blame: outsiders, mostly from Eastern Europe, who at the behest of sellers in Spain have come across the border and hauled away wild mushrooms by the truckload. Even the way the outsiders picked the mushrooms made it unlikely they would grow again next season, he said.

Come over here. Steal our wild mushrooms.

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Photo: Peasant shown in the street of Constanza, Romania on Nov. 25, 1946. He wears unfinished lamb-wool coat which is his protection against winter cold and rain. Russian sailors are in the background. 


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