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Norwich Police Check Your Lungs For Legal Substances

by | 2nd, December 2013



NORWICH night owls are being invited to blow hard  as they enter 30 of the city’s clubs. Norfolk police have issued the venues with breathalysers to help revellers gain “better knowledge” of their drinking.

So in touch are the police that the practise of testing free people for legal substances carries a hashtag. Venues testing patrons for booze boast the sign “Are you trollied? #DeepBreath”.  These venues should be avoided. They are a kite mark for twattishness.

It’s the kind of patronising balls the tea-total police engage in. Adults are reduced to the role of lab rats being tested on a night out. Police say “clubs will be expected to be responsible”. Because it’s responsible for a stranger – a bouncer, for gawd’s sake – to approach a woman and tell her to blow into his device.

Insp. Ed Brown of Norfolk Police assures us: “These kits will allow door staff to better gauge how much alcohol someone has had and in turn help them refuse entry to someone who is too drunk. This gives additional protection to venues who might otherwise be concerned at the prospect of inadvertently selling alcohol to somebody who is already drunk which is obviously an offence.”

So. You’ll be tested before every drink? Danny goes to the bar to get a round in but after a blow in the straw ends up with three Shirley Temples and a lecture.

Brown adds: “All too often we deal with people who are so drunk they cannot think straight and can barely walk. They lose all sense of responsibility which clearly makes them vulnerable and that’s where the risk increases of someone becoming a victim of crime, being injured or involved in violence and disorder.”

Because in Brown’s book it’s not a crime to invade someone’s body and check the content of their lungs.

Oh, Brave New World.


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