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Wonderful Romania: The Salina Turda Salt Mines

by | 12th, December 2013

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THE Salina Turda might sound like a poo in a the sea but is in fact a centuries-old salt mine in Romania. You can visit it. Even the Beitish are welcome. The Romanians are worried about mobs of British immigrants “flooding” their beautiful country but the thing is underground, so out of sight, out of mind, and all that.

As you might expect in a salt mine, everything has ben well preserved.


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Atlas Obscura:

As with many natural resources in Europe, the Romans were the first to the table. They began excavating Turda Salt Mine in the 2nd century and after the fall of the Roman Empire, other regional powers continued mining, picking away at the 3 billion tons of salt and creating the space for a massive underground world.

Turda Salt Mine, aside from its gigantic size, is fairly straight forward in its history. Explosives were never used to hollow the mine, and it was all done by hand or machine, making its size more impressive. One of the many halls of the mine measures a massive 260 by 130 feet with 160-foot ceilings. After being abandoned in 1932, the mine reopened for tourists in 1992.







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* The ground floor contains a series of recreational attractions made from restored equipment or with the same design expression. an amphitheater, sports arena, ferris wheel, mini golf course, and bowling lanes, amongst others, allow visitors to experience different aspects of the mine. boats may also be rented to tour the underground lake at the lowest point of the cavernous void.


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