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Madeleine McCann: Bungling ‘Cops’, The Suspect Who Wasn’t And The Maddie Advent Calendar

by | 27th, December 2013

THE Daily Mirror interrupts your holiday season to bring news of ‘Our Maddie’:

EXCLUSIVE – Madeleine McCann cops’ prime suspect blunder

maddy cops

Back on August 7, 2007, the Mirror overlooked this bungle. Instead it focused on 10 bungles, one of which was:

10 THE search of Robert Murat’s garden was similarly bungled. Portuguese police only briefly searched the overgrown garden, not even clearing bushes and shrubs.

British police were horrified by this and ordered gardeners to hack away the undergrowth before conducting a second search.

Robert Murat was innocent. His name is now synonymous with bad reporting. He got the full Murat, an unhappy monstering triggered by the Mirror’s very own Lori Campbell.


So much for those funny foreigners and their hapless bungles, then.

In other news:

missing maddie

Tasteless Haddan Hwang sparked fury with an advent calendar outfit featuring the missing girl. The clubber who wore a sick Madeleine McCann outfit is a graduate who stood as campus leader and guides new students.

The picture shows him at Birmingham’s Asylum club during the Christmas party of a drinks promoter firm called Cellar Trends. It was posted by event firm Uprawr on Instagram and Facebook, with an accompanying message which read: “So last night we found Maddy #casesolved.”

The Asylum club and Uprawr say:

“The staff and management would firstly like to apologise without reservation for any and all distress following on from the media’s publication of images taken at last week’s Uprawr Event.

“The person dressed inappropriately was a member of this private party and I reiterate not a member of the venue or Uprawr staff or an Uprawr patron.

“We have spoken at length to the brand’s management and have suggested they take further action against the individual reminding them that this person is a promotional representative of a major company who pride themselves on advocating not only responsible drinking but ethical behaviour.”

So. It wasn’t an issue at the time, when he was in the club. No students minded that he was being “inappropriate” (and how about that for the word of 2013?). It was an issue when the Mirror saw it and broadcast it. How helpful…

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