Anorak News | Was Kruger Wrong To Kill Elephant That Charged Tourist Car? Video

Was Kruger Wrong To Kill Elephant That Charged Tourist Car? Video

by | 15th, January 2014

Kruger National Park charge

WAS it right the elephant was killed at the Kruger National Park?

Sarah Brooks, a teacher at Gleed Girls Technology College in Spalding, and her South African boyfriend Jans De Klerk  were filming a bull elephant “when suddenly it charged, overturned the vehicle three times and shunted it 40 metres into the bush”. So reports the Lincolnshire Echo. Brooks was hurt Brooks; Mr De Klerk was unharmed.

But was the attack inevitable? Was it sudden?

Footage of the incident has emerged.

Says William Mabasa, spokesman for the Kruger:

“The video seems to suggest that there was an opportunity for the tourists to have escaped the attack, but of course when you are directly involved in a situation like that, reason is no longer a factor but instinct and I think this was the case here. We have no regrets, the animal would have been put down irrespective as it was unusually aggressive. Our rangers reported that the same elephant bull had been involved in previous fights with other dominant bulls since it has been in musth phase.”

Should they have reversed? Should the car following behind filming the thing have gone forward? Should tourists get faster cars..?

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