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The Cupid Bra Only Unhooks When True Love Is Detected

by | 25th, January 2014

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WHEN do you know if it’s true love? Japanese lingerie manufacturer Ravijou has taken the guesswork out of foreplay by inventing a bra clasp that only unhooks when “true love” is detected. If that significant other is only after a quick fumble or your valuables, the clasp stays closed.

From the blurb:

The bra comprises of a sensor which monitors your heart rate and other vitals, the data is constantly transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile phone which processes the data using a special app and measures the heart rate elevation using special algorithms and preset data and it is only when your heart has truly found that special someone would it beat in a way that the app would recognize and wirelessly unhook the bra.

Sure, that ‘someone special’ could be an attacker, but let’s not allow our cynicism stand between a bare chest and true love:

Ladies can relax as not any changes in heart rates will unhook the bra as the experts at Ravijour say it is only when a woman falls in true love does she get excited enough for the Adrenal Medulla to secrete Catecholamine which affects the autonomic nerve and increases the heart rate which is detected by the sensor and processed by the specially developed iOS app.

Mental stuff. Slack-jawed women are grateful.

Meanwhile, adolescents keen to see a bit of skin can offer the bra wearers coffee, bananas or free rides on a roller coaster. All that  are more raise catecholamine levels. And a scream…

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