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Cee Lo Green: Don’t Leave Him With Your Girlfriend

by | 5th, February 2014

Cee-Hi And Very Lo Green (allegedly)

Cee-Hi And Very Lo Green (allegedly)

REMEMBER Cee Lo Green? All happy and smiley and the voice of songs like Crazy and F- You? Well, Green it seems, is a bit of pest around the ladies and has again been called to deny that he’s up to no good with them.

The latest thing he’s refuting is that he spiked a women’s drink with ecstasy in LA. Popping Molly is one thing. Popping Molly into someone’s bolly while they’re not looking is something else entirely.

Green has been accused of secretly slipping the drug into the drink of his date at a sushi restaurant in July 2012.

He first appeared in court last October on the charge of furnishing a controlled substance, and that’s four years in the clink if found guilty. An earlier rape charge relating to the same alleged incident was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Cee Lo Green told reporters: “I’m a fan of good, clean living.”

He was presumably joking because he looks like the kind of man who hides Snickers in the seams of his coats so he is never caught short without a snack.

The judge scheduled another hearing for March, when a preliminary hearing date will be set.

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