Anorak News | Banana Carrying AK47 Arrested For Soliciting In Texas

Banana Carrying AK47 Arrested For Soliciting In Texas

by | 10th, February 2014

GOLF is so very popular because there is always a golf sale on. It’s a bargain too good to resist for many of us who spot men holding signs advertising “GOLF SALE’ and a large arrow pointing towards a shop. Derek Poe hoped the approach would sell his guns.


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Mr Poe created a placard for his Golden Triangle Tactical store in Beaumont, Texas, dressed an 18-year-old staff member in a banana suite and sent him to stand by Eastex Freeway and Highway 105. He also gave the man an AK47 and a drum magazine with a 50-round capacity.


gun banana


Police were called. The teenager was arrested for soliciting in and alongside roadways.

But why the banana? Is going bananas the best way to sell guns? Bananas are things you accidentally slip on. As you fall on your backside, would you want to be holding a primed AK47? A rethink is in order. Just as Golf Sale advertisers can be seen dressed in plus fours and tam o’ shanters, the man who thinks keeping an AK47 in the home a good idea, needs something more in keeping with his hobby. Although on second thoughts, bananas are spot on…


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