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Do You Know The Greenwich Duck Killers?

by | 13th, February 2014

TO Shooters Hill, in London’s Royal Borough of Greenwich, where the hunt is on for three men and a child killing birds on Eaglesfield Pond. The sign on the park’s gate reads:


park ducks


The sign includes a phone number. And – get this – it’s been used to make threatening calls, like this one:

 “Hello there. Just to let you know we’ve killed two more ducks tonight, and if you put up any more notices we’re going to kill some more.”

The sign writer, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells the local News Shopper:

“The bird of prey was going over the ducks, it was landing in a tree and they were calling it back. The ducks were swimming frantically. Then they started throwing bricks to get the ducks to fly out so they could send the bird to attack them. The bird did get hold of one of the ducks in its mouth but I’m not sure if it was killed.” 

Can this be a hard case to crack, or are there many homes with unregistered birds of prey in South East London? Do you or someone you know own an eagle?

The witness adds more clues:

“The very sad thing about it was one of the guys actually had a child on his shoulder, watching while they were using the bricks. To me this is as bad as someone making a child watch a pornographic video.”

One with or without ducks?

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