Anorak News | Hard Rock Musicians Are All Women-Hating Wife Killers In Waiting – Even Worse Than Hip Hop Crims

Hard Rock Musicians Are All Women-Hating Wife Killers In Waiting – Even Worse Than Hip Hop Crims

by | 26th, February 2014

WHEN someone in Hip Hop does something bad, it gets blanket coverage. Papers will run stories about artists big in the rap game, but not exactly household names. Worse still for those that are well known. They’re hauled over coals and every two-bit writer starts penning opinion pieces on whether or not Hip Hop is inherently bad, while offering mealy-mouthed “hey, some of my best friends are rap albums!” by way of cred-seeking.

Hip Hop’s cousin, Heavy Metal (or Hard Rock, or whatever) is usually the only one willing to give rappers a day off. When Metal is tacked to a crime, people start writing worthless pieces about devil worshipping and using disenfranchised lyrics as proof that rock bands actually want their fans to commit crimes.

Like any band actively wants their fanbase who pay their bills to go to prison or die. It’s ridiculous.

However, interestingly, rock music (in all forms) still gets an easier ride than hip hop. Read the blogs of music weeklies or what-have-you, and you’ll soon stumble across a ‘Why I Have A Problem With Hip Hop’ piece’, but never once taking accountability for other forms of music.

For example, when Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was found guilty of truly horrible crimes, everyone looked at it like a rock anomaly. Rock doesn’t do things like that does it? Rock is normally so well behaved isn’t it? Apart from the whole history of trashing property, having sex with underage girls, flagrant drug use and other forms of Approved Mischief.

However, Phil Spector and Sid Vicious murdered women.

And now, we’ve got the lead singer of Grammy-nominated metal band As I Lay Dying who pleaded guilty to trying to have his estranged wife killed.




Timothy Lambesis, currently walking free on a $2 million bond until he is sentenced on May 2nd, was taped telling an undercover agent that he wanted his wife killed, which was prompted after Lambesis allegedly told a personal trainer at his gym that he wanted to have someone execute his wife.

The agent, San Diego County Sheriff’s Officer Howard Bradley, testified that the singer met him at a book shop and said he wanted his wife “gone.” If that’s a bit vague, Bradley then asked Lambesis directly if he wanted his wife killed, to which the reply was: “‘Yes, I do.'”

Lambesis is then alleged to have cement the intention by telling the officer: “Just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead.”

So there you go. Are we now going to see regular and endless pieces about how singers and rock musicians are bad people and all effectively murderers?

What do you think?

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