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Kurt Cobain’s Old Roomie Is Flogging His Old Stuff Online

by | 4th, March 2014

AS well you know, Kurt Cobain is dead. He blew his mind out in a plaid shirt and a lot of people lost their favourite singer. It was terribly sad and inspired a lot of people.

Inspired them to do what? Well, try and make money from Cobain’s corpse mainly.

And so, to Kurt’s old roommate who says he’s selling a load of the deceased Nirvana shrieker’s belongings on Craigslist. Y’know, to save you from actually having to graverob in the first place.


The items for sale include some skis (wow! Cobain feet DNA!) and a telephone (he’s had his mouth on that!) as well as a video game called Kingman (the source of Cobain’s angst?).

The listing, from some who used to be in a band called Gruntruck, says that he will be selling more of what he says are Cobain’s possessions in the future: “i also have a lot more stuff of kurts, like magazine and clothes that i will be selling off soon. thank you for looking.”

He adds: “i am sure it would be easy for you to think that this stuff is fake, but i have pictures of kurt with some of it and i have som friends that will talk to you that will say that this is kurts stuff. we lived together in capitol hill and for a short time in olympia, i was in some very popular bands back then but now i am not playing any music anymore, but if anybody reading this wants to jam, let me know heh heh”

Have a look here.

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