Anorak News | The Sun’s Utter Balls On Jeremy Forrest And Gemma The Teenage Teacher Fancier

The Sun’s Utter Balls On Jeremy Forrest And Gemma The Teenage Teacher Fancier

by | 9th, March 2014



THE teenager who at 15-year-old  fell for her  30-year-old teacher Jeremy Forrest has “dumped him for another teacher”.

So says the Sun of the teenager was abducted by Forrest and taken to France.


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Back on in October of last year, the Mirror had other news of the girl known only as ‘Gemma’:


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We knew policemen were getting younger but are 16-year-olds now working as teachers?

Reading on we learnt that the new lover was a sixth-form student. We heard from ‘Gemma’s’ mother:

Her mum told pals: “I’m so, so glad my daughter is back where she belongs, and now I want her to go on and enjoy the things any girl her age would. I have met her new boyfriend quite a few times now. I like him a lot and hope they can now settle down and enjoy being in a relationship together.”

Back, then, to today’s Sun front-page shocker:

She spent two days with the older man last week — and last night she posted a picture of them together on the internet. It shows the man kissing her on the cheek as she grins and sticks her tongue out.

Look away now, kids.

The girl’s mother last night gave her blessing to the new boyfriend. She told The Sun on Sunday: “He is really nice and we have welcomed him into our family and I am very happy for my daughter. We now would appreciate that they are left alone.”

It might bean idea not to talk to the Sun, then.

The new man, who The Sun on Sunday is not identifying, is a 20-year-old PE teaching assistant at a posh school who also works part-time in security.

Sixteen years old dates 2o-year-old. Read. All. About. It.


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