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Hampshire Sturgeon Found Living At A Carwash

by | 10th, March 2014

steve sturgeon
IN today’s ‘You’ll Believe A Fish Can Cycle’, we learn of a sturgeon named Steve, who left the World of Water in Romsey, Hampshire, in early February. One month later, staff at a car wash a mile from the attraction found Steve living in a puddle.
Centre manager Mark Bradbury wonders:
 “He must have crossed the road and got to the petrol station through the flood water. He’s got a few bumps and scrapes but is happy to be back with his friends.”
The search is on, however, for Steve’s friend Chadwick, a large koi carp, who went for a long walk around the same time.
One wonders how happy Steve can be with Chadwick missing, or if, indeed, they weren’t friends at all and Steve led him to an untimely demise on a Number 5 Hot Wax & Wash.

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